Workplace Wellness: How Women Can Manage Peri Menopause At Work? 5 Crucial Tips

For women, the perimenopause—also known as the transitional period preceding menopause—can bring particular difficulties at work. This phase, which is marked by hormonal changes, usually starts in a woman\’s forties and lasts for three to ten years, ending at the age of fifty, when menopause begins. Women may have a variety of symptoms during this period, such as mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, and cognitive changes. All of these symptoms can negatively affect a woman\’s quality of life and ability to function professionally, particularly when she is at the top of her career.

Tips for Handling Perimenopause at Work

Developing practical perimenopause management methods in the workplace requires an understanding of the underlying causes of these shifts. Here are a few crucial methods as shared by Dr. Asha Dalal, Director, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Well Woman Center, Sir H N Reliance Hospital: 

1. Raising Awareness: Women may not recognise their behavioural changes, making it critical to raise awareness about these difficulties. Perimenopause is real, and it comes with its quirks. Let’s make sure everyone’s in the know.

2. Open Dialogue: Have more and more open dialogues with your managers so they can help you deal woth any overwhelming symptoms that may hinder your work. Managers can be allies—they can help you find solutions, maybe even recommend a good herbal tea for those mood swings.

3. Stress Tackling: Yoga, mindfulness, and maybe a little office karaoke (when no one’s looking) can be your secret weapons. Take breaks, breathe, and remind yourself that you’re a warrior.

4. Prioritizing Self-Care: Your body’s going through a wild dance, so treat it kindly. Eat well (yes, chocolate counts), catch those extra sleeping hours, and move—whether it’s a salsa class or just a walk around to the water cooler. And if your workplace has a gym, use it.

5. Flexibility Matters: Work from home? Adjusted hours? Yes, please! Flexibility is your BFF during perimenopause. When the hot flashes hit, you can be in your PJs, sipping herbal tea, and still acing that presentation. It’s like having a superhero cape made of elastic schedules.

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