FAQs On Egg Freezing: How It Can Aid Women Planning Pregnancies At An Older Age

FAQs On Egg Freezing: How It Can Aid Women Planning Pregnancies At An Older Age



\”Your biological clock is ticking.\” Many women, busy pursuing their careers, higher studies or simply enjoying their lives have been told, much to their annoyance. In today\’s time, women are increasingly postponing their decision to become mothers – be it out of choice or necessity. Unfortunately, the human body has certain limitations and when it comes to conceiving and healthy pregnancies, age does play a role. So as times change and women\’s role in society changes, egg freezing is becoming a viable option.

Explaining the situation, Dr Lavanya R, Fertility Consultant at Nova IVF Fertility, Whitefield, Bangalore, shares, \”Women these days are juggling multiple roles and many a time, they want to postpone being a mother for various reasons like career goals, financial goals or even the inability to find a suitable life partner. Egg freezing becomes a viable option as it provides flexibility for women wanting to delay their pregnancy.\”

As women grow older, the egg reserve as well as the quality of eggs decline and thus the chances of conceiving become slim, says Dr Lavanya. But can everyone freeze their eggs? \”Several factors determine whether freezing eggs is a good option for you or not. Here’s a detailed overview of the science, age, red flags & more about freezing of eggs,\” says Dr Lavanya. Read on.

Q. What is the science behind egg freezing?

Dr Lavanya: Egg freezing, scientifically termed oocyte cryopreservation, involves a multi-step process. Hormone injections stimulate ovaries to produce multiple eggs. Mature eggs are retrieved through a minor surgical procedure. Vitrification, a flash-freezing technique, preserves eggs by preventing ice crystal formation.

Q. Why do women mostly freeze their eggs?

Dr Lavanya: Here are some reasons:

– Preservation of fertility to postpone having children for societal or personal reasons.

– Cancer patients who might have problems becoming pregnant if they get chemotherapy or pelvic radiation therapy.

– Risk of early menopause in the family or chromosomal abnormalities (such as Turner syndrome or fragile X syndrome) leading to premature ovarian failure.

– Ovarian illness that carries the possibility of ovarian harm.

– Genetic mutations that may require the removal of ovaries (e.g. BRCA mutation).

Q. At what age should eggs be frozen?

Dr Lavanya: Experts advocate for egg freezing before the age of 35, as younger eggs typically exhibit superior quality and higher chances of successful implantation. Women facing medical treatments that may affect fertility should consider egg freezing as soon as possible, ideally before starting treatment.

Q. By when should the frozen eggs be used?

Dr Lavanya: Storing eggs for longer durations, up to 4 years, appears safe without negative effects observed. The best results are obtained when eggs are used before the age of 35, which highlights the significance of timely use to increase success rates. It is recommended to use frozen eggs before the age of 50 to maximize results, while there is no hard and fast rule.

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5. What are the dos and don’ts of egg freezing?

Dr Lavanya: Do consult with a fertility specialist to assess suitability and plan strategically.

Do consider egg freezing earlier rather than later to maximize egg quality.

Don\’t delay unnecessarily, as age can impact egg quality and success rates.

Don\’t overlook the importance of realistic expectations and informed decision-making.

6. Any red flags of egg freezing?

Dr Lavanya: Here are some points you should keep in mind: Some risks remain associated with ovarian stimulation, including discomfort and rare complications like ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. There is variability in success rates, and frozen eggs may not always result in a successful pregnancy.

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